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IT Disaster Recovery Plan Template | Business Continuity Plan Template | Disaster Recovery Plan Template

Protect Your Business – Disaster Recovery Plan Template

Statistics show that 35% of businesses without DR plans never recover from a major catastrophe!!

  • Is your business protected?
  • Are your critical suppliers protected?
  • Without a plan you are vulnerable!!

Over 33,000 businesses have utilized our DR Plan Template provided by our DisasterRecovery.org organization. The new and improved version of the DR plan template makes it easy to develop a plan and implement it with in house resources.

  • Cost effective – having a plan in place can save thousands of dollars in downtime
  • Easy to use
  • Customize the Template
  • Includes sections on the following
    • Personnel– enter contact details of IT personnel for recovery
    • Applications profile – customize
    • Inventory – List of physical inventory
    • Information services backup procedures – details of what and when backup procedures are conducted
    • Disaster recovery procedures – This section is used for detailing ERP (Emergency Response Procedures), BOP (Backup Operation Procedures) RAP (Recovery Actions Procedures) following a disaster. It also gives a checklist for plan initiation.
    • Recovery plan mobile site – this module allows for details of the mobile site. It details step by step procedures and can be modified for local conditions.
    • Recovery plan hot site– This is the planning section for an alternate site during a disaster. It also gives samples of possible hot site solutions
    • Restoring all systems– how you plan on restoring all systems
    • Rebuilding process– reconstruction and allied factors to consider
    • Testing DR plan – all DR plans should be tested regularly. This section gives checklists for plan testing
    • Disaster site rebuilding– action plan for rebuilding
    • Infectious and communicable diseases plan – Recent events such as the Ebola outbreak has made it imperative for companies to have plans in place in case an employee is infected.  This section takes you through all important considerations for developing a plan.
    • DR Plan for data breach – Cybercrime is on the rise and having a plan in place will minimize disruptions and allows you to respond rapidly.
    • Record of changes – all changes should be recorded

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